European Wasit & Juri at 17th World Pencak Silat Championships

Three Internationally qualified European Wasit Juri were selected by PERSILAT to act as Wasit & Juri at the 2016 World Championships.

This was the first time that the following had done Wasit Juri duty at a World Championships:

  • Arif Kokkoz from PSF UK, United Kingdom, - International level 2
  • Diana Kasanngali from NPSF, the Netherlands, - International level 3
  • Badriah binti Hosni from AFPS, France, - International level 3

Also taking part as Assistants, the following European Wasit Juri attended the competitions in order to gain practical experience:

  • Dave van der Voordt from the NPSF, the Netherlands, National level 3
  • GPSF, Germany, Martin Abbass Yacoub & Julienne Hoch, both National level 3.